Sleeping with makeup on is something that, unfortunately, just happens.

Of course, most of the time you won’t take it off because you don’t have time. If you’re generally careful and consistent with your skincare, you’ll reap the benefits.

Taking care of your skin is important, and sleeping with your makeup on can damage it. Here are the effects that come with avoiding the routine.

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Your poor pores (and more unhappiness)

While you sleep, your skin regenerates itself. If your pores are blocked, they can’t breath. If they can’t breath, essential dermatological restoration can’t happen.

Oil gets trapped in the pore, which leads to a buildup of bacteria. The reason you wear makeup is precisely to avoid the breakouts and enlarged pores that can occur as a result of sleeping with makeup on.

If you sleep with your makeup on, you run further risks of developing fine lines, and both dark circles and puffiness around your eyes.

Environmental factors come into play too. Walking down the street, pollution from day to day life can accumulate on the skin. Layering makeup on top of that means the residue of makeup and dirt builds up on the skin, interfering with your skin’s cellular turnover.

Mascara and liner can result in your eyelashes becoming clogged. Worse still, it may result in them becoming brittle, breaking or even falling faster.

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Taking care of your skin

You know how to remove your make up.

There are a few tips, however, than go towards ensuring your skin gets the full cleanse it needs.

Firstly, this might sound patronising, but make sure your hair’s out of the way. Breakouts often occur around the hairline -- because of a buildup of makeup residue around the edges of your face -- so it’s important to make sure this area is freed-up.

Clearing individual areas methodically will save you time and energy. If you start with your lips, you avoid smearing your lipstick all over your face, meaning that you can avoid extra mess.

Moving up to your eyes, soaking a cotton pad in eye makeup powder and dabbing them gently with it a few times will allow you to wipe away the loosened makeup. Something to consider is using petroleum jelly to remove the hard-to-budge waterproof formulas.

Last of all, foundation. Once this is removed with your makeup remover, be sure to moisturise, to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

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Why do some people sleep with makeup on?

Who knows?

It accelerates your skin’s ageing, and acne. Your complexion can appear dull. Taking care of your skin means letting it breath from underneath the products you use every day.

Of course, forgetting to take it off every once in a while isn’t going to do very serious damage, but it’s important not to fall into bad habits.