In recent times, there has been a clear rise in the popularity of the more minimal, designer skincare products. This represents a growing trend in people who want clear, visible results for their investment.

With recent advances in technology and the science behind skincare, many people are realising that certain products can do so much more for them than may have realised.

Take for example, the epidermal growth factors (EGF) and cellular activators present in BIOEFFECT’s EGF Eye Serum, which was recently featured in Stella’s ‘Top 5’ Eye Creams in the Sunday Telegraph.

EGF EYE Serum Bioeffect

Research has revealed that 70% of women using BIOEFFECT’s serum saw an increase in collagen intensity around the eye area, 73% gained improved elasticity, and 70% saw a decrease in the size of their wrinkles.

What has become clear, is that skincare products like this, with the right kind of ingredients and research behind them, can make a big difference to the way you look and feel.

BIOEFFECT have long been praised as producers of ‘intelligent’ skincare products, praised by The Sunday Times Style, amongst others, for the “absolutely revolutionary” EGF Serum.

The Times sought the opinion of Sarah Coonan, a Beauty Buyer at Liberty, who described the serum as one of the “most effective wrinkle and skin texture treatments.”

Along with the EGF Serum our EGF Eye Serum is now starting to receive critical acclaim, and establish itself as a key product in the eye cream category.

A few of the key benefits that come with using the EGF Eye Serum are:

  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • A reduction in the presence of puffiness under the eyes.
  • A boost in both radiance and firmness.
  • Contains no oils, fragrance or parabens.

The BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Serum is a perfect Christmas gift idea, and is always in demand due to its proven ability to effectively reduce the signs of stress and aging.

The formula itself is relatively minimal, containing a limited number of ingredients and aiming for quality not quantity. A small amount, applied each day, can work wonders in giving you healthy and happy skin.

The epidermal growth factors are key to the success of the serum and are the main reason that it’s so potent at combatting the negative effects of aging.

Many people are now starting to realise the value of the kind of products that can truly make a difference to your daily skincare routine.

Products that contain high quality ingredients are always going to be worth the investment, compared to those that contain the latest fashionable ingredient but can’t actually deliver on the promises they make.

blonde woman with blue eyes clear skin roll neck jumper

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The unique, rollerball application design makes the serum easy to use, simply:

  • Remove the cap.
  • Gently tap the dispenser at the base to release the serum.
  • Apply the rollerball to clean skin around the eyes.
  • Massage the serum gently into the skin with your fingertips.
  • Allow the skin to absorb the serum for 3-5 minutes before applying make-up.

If you want to achieve optimal results, use the serum with BIOEFFECT Day Serum in the morning and BIOEFFECT EGF Serum at night, to reveal smoother, more youthful looking skin.

The difference behind products such as the EGF Eye Serum, is a combination of the science behind them and the passion that BIOEFFECT has for creating high quality skin care products that actually do what they say.

Maintaining a regular and healthy skincare routine is absolutely essential to ensuring you look your glowing, radiant best at all times. Making sure you use the right products to keep you looking your best is equally as important, which is why smart buyers invest in products that not only make you feel good, but ones that care for your skin intelligently too.


Take the experts’ advice, and invest in your skin health today with BIOEFFECT.