This month, we were lucky enough to meet and interview entrepreneur and beauty expert Tana Ramsey. Spending the majority of her time running her own successful beauty salon, All About the Girl , who better to give us the low down on all things health and beauty?

Throughout the interview, Tana outlines the all-important do’s and don’ts when it comes to developing and maintaining a skin care routine.

Her honest advice reinforces the importance of looking after both our skin and our health. So if you’re searching for some expert advice, or simply some quick beauty tips, look no further!

What is your approach to beauty; whatever feels right or a rigid regime?

Probably a little of both – my skincare regime changes with the demands of everyday life – from the weather and effects of being outside training in wind and rain then into central heating drying out my skin to summer when you are using a lot of sunblock and needing to have a deeper cleansing routine.

It needs to be adaptable yet necessary to always cleanse, tone, exfoliate and nourish.

How has your skincare regime changed over the years?

As I get older I realise my skin has different needs.

Years in the sun and also having children have caused me to have pigmentation so I have had to address this with regular exfoliation to allow the penetration of serums and topical lotions which help this to fade.

I’ve also noticed fine lines, particularly around my eye area, so using eye serums becomes a must whereas in my early 20s I was much more slap dash, not realising that the elasticity and appearance of skin at that age does eventually change.

Knowing now what you know about skincare, what advice would you like to give your 20-year old self?

The one rule that I wish I had followed and not been so blasé about has to be to keep your face and chest out of the sun!

Both areas are so incredibly sensitive and undoing all the damage is both near impossible and expensive!

Invest in a high SPF face cream for every day, one that sits comfortably for your skin under your make-up and wear a hat!

Having fewer products and spending that little bit extra is also worth it, looking after your face, neck and chest area in your 20s is an investment you will be grateful of forever more.

Lastly, never sleep in your make up.

How does your skincare change with the seasons?

I would describe my skin as combination, so in the winter I would use a stronger exfoliant and the spring/summer it's best for me cleanse more often as I am applying SPF daily, especially when I am on holiday in the sun when my pores can become blocked and I tend to reapply block several times a day.

Also in the summer I tend to use a lighter make up base, sometimes just a tinted sunblock is enough as I otherwise feel my make-up is clogging my pores when I am hot.

How important is diet and exercise to your skin do you think?

Someone once told me that your face is a reflection of what you eat and drink and I think this is so true.

The most important factor of all is drinking water – keeping yourself hydrated really helps your skin to glow. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is essential too.

I also really believe that exercise is incredibly beneficial for your skin. When you sweat your pores dilate and the sweat clears trapped dirt and oil – as long as you wash your face well after this can only be of benefit!

Exercise is a great stress reliever too, again this can only benefit our skin and the ever threatening worry lines.