Outdoor Hot Spring Erupting

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Bioeffect isn't your average skin-care company. Our products combine cutting-edge science with the fundamental tenet of purity. We’re proud of our scientific roots and the fact that our flagship product, Bioeffect EGF Serum, contains only seven ingredients.

Another of Bioeffect’s unique selling points is our Icelandic roots. In fact, it was the discovery of growth factors in 1986 which encouraged three Icelandic scientists to develop our unparalleled range of bioengineered skin products.

Inspired by our Nordic origins, we wanted to delve into one of the most prominent things about the region: geothermal hot springs. (Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is probably the best known in the area.) Following our research, we created an interactive map detailing the best hot spring locations worldwide.

Our map is designed to give you insight into the health benefits of bathing in natural waters, as well as encompassing a variety of different types including:

  • Hot Springs - geothermally heated from the earth’s crust, they’re also known as geothermal springs.
  • Salt Lakes - landlocked bodies of water containing a high concentration of salts (usually sodium chloride).
  • Mud Baths - typically combine hot spring water with volcanic ash for a therapeutic bathing experience.

From New Zealand’s boiling mud baths to the salty waters of Jordan’s Dead Sea, our interactive map uncovers the secrets of the earth’s natural springs

So take the plunge and discover the therapeutic powers of nature and the variety of bathing experiences across the world.


The Health Benefits of Hot Springs

Thermal Lake in Iceland

Source: Peter Stewart

Naturally good for your skin, hot springs are an indulgent way to reach optimal wellbeing.

Aside from their obvious relaxation appeal, thermal springs boast many therapeutic and health benefits. An age-old tradition steeped in years of tradition, natural springs open your eyes (and pores) to a wonderful world of wellness.

Let’s look at some of the surprising health benefits of hot springs;

Boosts Blood Circulation

The mineral waters of thermal hot springs, containing calcium and sodium bicarbonate, contribute to a rise in your body’s hydrostatic pressure. In absorbing the mineral-rich water, you soak in vital minerals and vitamins which leads to a rise in oxygen flow and and blood circulation—just like when you exercise.

Helps with Skin Problems and Complexion

The abundance of silica (an essential mineral) in hot springs helps heal certain skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. The high silica content helps to smooth and soften dry and rough skin. Similarly, the medicinal properties of the water’s sulphur content can alleviate the symptoms of dry scalp, arthritis and other medical conditions.

Soothes Chronic Pain

A hot spring can help with muscle fatigue, joint pain, tissue damage and even fibromyalgia. A study published in Rheumatology International ‘concluded that the addition of spa therapy to medical therapy has both short and long-term beneficial effects in female patients with fibromyalgia.’

Iceland’s Volcanic Appeal

Iceland is a breathtaking nation of geysers, volcanoes and geothermal hot springs. Impressed by Iceland’s volcanic landscape, we created a clarifying facial exfoliator containing Icelandic micro-crystalline lava, which naturally cleanses and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and replenished, much like a natural hot spring.

Get all the benefits of natural hot springs at home; shop our scientifically developed product range today and discover a truly natural way to care for your skin.

Our Interactive Natural Springs Map is filled with information about thermal baths, hot springs and salt lakes all across the world. Explore your region here and share the map with your friends, and help them to find their closest natural hot spring to rejuvenate their skin today.