On January 6th 2018, Bioeffect’s Nobel Prize winning epidermal growth factor (EGF) was featured in The Times, in an article focused on listing the latest anti-aging treatments available. Included was Bioeffect’s EGF Serum Facial by Santi Spa in London, who offer this particular treatment amongst a host of others.  

By tackling signs of stress and ageing, Bioeffect’s EGF serum is a growth factor that stimulates new skin growth, speedy wound recovery and attacks aged, wrinkled skin. By replenishing the own body’s supply, the EGF ingredient activates production of elastin and collagen, stimulates skin cells to proliferate and increase skin turnover, whilst also maintaining a healthy looking glow.


“By engineering barley's own genetic code for growth so that it most resembles human EGF, BIOEFFECT created barley-based EGF”

Our ‘much lauded’ EGF Serum is scientifically proven, and we source the EGF ingredient naturally by developing the barley plant and growing a replica of EGF within it. With only seven ingredients in the EGF serum, Bioeffect aims to focus their products on effectiveness and purity.

Available at Santi Spa in London, the EGF serum facial acts as an anti aging spa treatment. The process includes a double cleanse, light therapy and gentle organic skin polishing, followed by an EGF serum mask, which is further infused with pulsating oxygen. It leaves your skin with a glowing complexion that relaxes, regenerates and combats aging.

*90 Minute Treatment is £150, or a course of 4 treatments for £500.

If you want to combat aging and restore a youthful looking glow (without breaking the bank), then the Bioeffect EGF Serum Facial is the perfect solution to your problems.

Bioeffect: Renowned, respected and rejuvenating.