Get better beauty sleep Tonight.

Our anti-ageing EGF serum is perfect for night time skincare - find out why here..

It’s not often there’s significant payoff for doing nothing; except perhaps when it comes to the beauty benefits we reap when we’re asleep. Those hours under the covers are crucial for keeping skin looking and feeling at its best, and it’s when skin is able to best absorb the kind of anti-ageing innovation you’ll find in our groundbreaking BioEffect EGF Serum.

Sleep is almost like turning on our ‘energy saving mode’ as it’s when our bodies naturally repair and regenerate. If you’ve ever missed out on a night’s sleep, experienced jet lag or suffered with poor or interrupted sleep you’ll know that grey, dull skin is one of the giveaways that you’ve missed out on some crucial hours in bed. Simply put, the body - and therefore the skin as one of the largest organs - repairs, regenerates and absorbs skincare far more efficiently when we’re sleeping, so the quality and quantity of our sleep is a hugely important part of everyone’s beauty regime.

When we’re awake our skin works hard to protect itself as it is constantly exposed to external aggressors such as UV rays and environmental damage, to name a few, and its ability to absorb the benefits of skincare products can be interrupted. On the other hand while we’re asleep a whole host of things happen in our bodies that support our skin:

  • Cortisol levels drop: Cortisol is the stress hormone and elevated levels can contribute to skin thinning, redness and irritation.

  • Blood flow: while we sleep blood flow is regulated and distributed more evenly throughout the body allowing for repair and regeneration.

  • Metabolism: Our metabolic rate drops significantly while we’re sleeping meaning that the body doesn’t produce as many skin damaging free radicals.

  • Our cellular processes reach their maximum production levels meaning that the reconstruction of collagen and elastin is at its highest.

One thing to note is that not all sleep is created equal - here’s what actually happens when you’re in dreamland:

Tube_with_barley_EGF_DAY_SERUM The first few hours: It’s your deepest sleep and it’s also when we produce the highest levels of human growth hormone, which is crucial for skin regeneration. The middle hours: The body’s production of its natural skin-protecting antioxidant hormone, melatonin increases. The final slumber: Our body temperature drops, our muscles relax and we enter a phase of deep recovery.