Luxury, London-based lifestyle magazine Canary Wharf has featured the BIOEFFECT Eye Mask Treatment in the We Spy column of their November issue.

The Eye Mask Treatment contains a higher concentration of EGF than our regular serum, ensuring powerful results while still caring for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Developed to restore radiance and give the eye area an instant lift, the treatment offers an intense hydration boost using a simple, two-step system.

Bioeffect Eye Mask Treatment

Step One: Massage the BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Serum into the skin underneath the eyes.

Step Two: Place one hydrogel mask underneath each eye and leave them to absorb the serum for fifteen minutes. After this time, remove the masks and massage in any remaining serum.

Canary Wharf are known for featuring high quality products so we’re thrilled they consider our Eye Mask Treatment to be worthy of inclusion!

Bioeffect feature in Canary Wharf Magazine