Finding an anti-ageing product is hard enough, but finding one with scientific evidence to back it up is even harder. Well there is no need for you to worry about proven results when it comes to BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM.

Dr Martina Kerscher, a professor of cosmetic Science at University of Hamburg, conducted an independent study. The results will help reassure you that our EGF SERUM really works.

Dr Kerscher proved
epidermal growth factor (EGF) to increase both skin thickness and density in an independent half a face efficacy study. The team investigated wrinkle depth, length and volume as well as skin thickness and density.


The 30 women participating applied BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM to one half of their face. On the other half, an identical product was applied, but without the EGF cellular activator. Neither the patient nor Dr Kerscher’s team knew what product was applied to each side of the face.

This was done morning and evening over a period of two months. During the time of the study, the women did not use any other anti-ageing products on their skin.

Wrinkle length, wrinkle volume and wrinkle depth were investigated with the help of the Primos measurement device.

The laboratory also carried out ultrasound measurements with high frequency ultrasound devices. These determine skin thickness and density, and a remarkable result was found in both.


After two months, the conditions of the two sides were compared and the results were striking.

On the half of the face where the EGF was applied, a 60% increase in skin thickness was observed and a 30% increase in collagen density.

In addition to this, the volume of fine lines and wrinkles was significantly diminished, and a youthful radiance restored.

with egf without egf
Dr Martina Kerscher says:

“It was extremely exciting to learn that there was a significant decrease in wrinkle depth, length and volume. We were also very pleased by the fact that there are such few ingredients in the product.”

Here is a video of Dr Kerscher explaining the study in more depth: