Once again, BIOEFFECT EGF DAY SERUM has been hailed a ‘revolutionary serum’ and praised for its multiple anti-ageing benefits. This time, it’s by Amerley Ollennu, for the Sun on Sunday’s stylish and chic Fabulous Magazine. Amerley recognises the unique and dramatic benefits of our serum, which uses EGF, grown in BIOEFFECT’s Icelandic geothermally powered greenhouse to stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate the skin. A couple of drops of BIOEFFECT EGF DAY SERUM should be applied each morning, to the face and neck, to restore the skin’s moisture balance and plump out fine lines and wrinkles. This leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and ready for application of makeup. Amerley praises our serum as an ‘innovation’ that will ‘transform your skin’ and leave it looking both youthful and radiant. The Sun on Sunday Fabulous Magazine