We've all woken up with puffy eyes or dark circles which make us look and feel a lot older than we actually are. It's one of the most frustrating beauty problems you may face, but we're here to help. Eye bags are caused by a variety of things such as dehydration, physical stress, hangovers or even an allergic reaction. Normally these can be easily treated and getting a good nights sleep certainly helps, but we all know how hard that is! In the following post we outline 6 proven ways to treat eye bags, so by the end of the post you'll have radiant eyes and be back to your confident self.


This a tricky one, and no matter how good your intentions are it's still hard to get the recommended hours of sleep each night. According to the National Sleep Foundation all adults aged 18-64 need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep to be in great shape the next day. Of course, the quantity of sleep isn't the only important thing, so is the quality. Waking up constantly due to noise, the wrong room temperature or a tossing and turning partner can greatly affect your night's sleep. 7108632527_4e9d6a9c67_o Source: John Lemieux A lack of sleep will result in a paler skin and a decrease in blood circulation which will ultimately accentuate dark circles under the eyes as well as making them puffy. Even the position you sleep in can bring out your eye bags as sleeping on your stomach can lead to an increase of fluids around your eyes. A good nights sleep, with an extra pillow to elevate your head, is a good way to reduce eye puffiness.


If you're looking for a natural and fun way to get rid of unsightly shadows under your eyes then you can try some of the home remedies below:
  • Although it’s an old method, applying cold slices of cucumber over the eyes can help. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in cucumbers helps to minimise water retention, and reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.
4749930477_eb6fbc392a_bSource: Stacy Spensley
  • Another similar solution is putting brewed, cold tea bags on the eyes. It will produce the same effect as the cucumber slices, and tea, especially green tea, is a great ingredient to have in your skincare regime.


Just like getting a good nights sleep eating healthy food is something we all try and stick to, but this can prove to be a lot harder than we think. Eating a variety of foods rich in nutrients is a good way to stay healthy, and remember that your diet also affects the appearance of your skin. Consuming foods rich in salt will accentuate your eye bags by causing you to retain excess water, so be sure to think twice before you add extra salt to your next meal. A lack of vitamins can also increase the chances of you waking up with dark circles, so make sure to always follow a healthy diet! Organic healthy vegetables and fruits Source: Christer Barregren


I mentioned above that consuming products high in salt can lead to water retention thus increasing the puffiness of your eyes. The same thing happens when you're dehydrated: Women should drink 2 litres of water per day, and men should aim for 2.5 litres. However, depending on your activity levels or the temperature, this quantity can be higher. An intense gym session or a hot yoga class will mean that you'll need to increase your water intake. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go, and I regularly fill this up during the day to help me see just how much water I'm taking in. 8817132512_5d121087c0_o Source: Cajetan Barretto This may be hard to hear for some people, but drinking alcohol is also bad for your eyes as it dehydrates you and can cause you to retain water. But if you do drink, try not to have your last drink just before going to bed, and follow each alcoholic drink with a nice glass of water. This way you'll stay hydrated, and you'll avoid a hangover!


Seasonal allergies can lead to puffy eyes due to inflammation and swelling. If you think you have allergies, talk to your doctor to find a durable solution, and make sure to keep a clean house as dust is often the first thing to make your allergies flare up. 4603767590_27f2609108_o Source: Jim Lukach


So far on this list we've listed some natural remedies that can help eliminate those dark circles under your eyes. But sometimes you need an extra helping hand from an eye serum or cream. A high quality eye serum is an effective way to reduce eyes bags, and if you look for a serum with anti-ageing properties you can also expect to see a reduction in wrinkles. Don’t forget to read the instructions before you apply the product, but coupling an eye serum with the tips above will certainly help to reduce your eye bags. Keep in mind that applying too much cream won’t speed up the results, and it could even have a negative impact.


We've outlined 6 proven ways to reduce your eyes bags, so after trying them hopefully you'll look and feel younger. Getting a good nights sleep, having a healthy diet and staying hydrated will also bring you a host of other health benefits. And coupling your healthy lifestyle with a great skincare regime can also help to drastically improve your skins condition.