It’s time to get outside and show off your glowing complexion. At least, that’s the idea. Summer can mean great weather and major skin complaints. Surprisingly, the warmer months can be just as tricky as the winter when it comes to staying beautiful.

Figure out a summer skin care routine and you can rest easy. We’ll discuss some of the causes of dry skin this season before looking at ways to stay hydrated. Although it’s annoying, dry skin is one of the easiest complaints to deal with. Good summer skin care and some basic beauty hacks will fix you right up.

Here are 3 ways to stop dry skin this summer without breaking the bank, putting your life in the hands of dermatologists or using black magic:

1. Eat more healthy fats in your diet

Surprisingly, one of the biggest changes we can make for our skin starts on the inside. By including more healthy fats in our diets, we can naturally boost the body’s ability to repair, regenerate and replenish tissue. Fat’s role in the diet is indelibly linked with cell protection.

Vitamin E is the hero of the day. Found in large quantities in extra virgin olive oil, this natural antioxidant not only protects from free radical damage from the sun, it helps repair our cells and creates a protective layer. Along with protective oils, vitamin E releases from the sebaceous glands.

Include more of the following in the diet:

  • Olive oil
  • Almonds
  • Sweet potato
  • Spinach
  • Avocado

Beyond vitamins, essential fatty acids keep things in the body lubricated, particularly cells. Omega 3s are a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid, commonly found in fish and flaxseeds. These help keep your cell membranes strong, letting them store more water. A diet rich in healthy fatty acids will keep you hydrated and moisturised.

Before you reach for health products willy nilly, look at what you can control in your daily life. You’d be surprised how many problems could be resolved with a more well-rounded diet.

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2. Moisturise after showering

‘Moisture’ is key. It’s intuitive to want to hydrate skin, but the actual mechanism involved is a little more complicated. Rather than pumping water in, we need to stop existing moisture from leaving. This is why winter and summer skin care can be a nightmare—the weather saps liquid!

Water likes to move from high to low concentrations. After a shower, your body has a high concentration of water compared to the air, leading to moisture loss. In drier, warmer seasons, this effect is enhanced, leading to more severe loss and flaky skin.

Instead of letting this beauty travesty occur, why not safeguard yourself? Applying a good quality moisturiser after a shower can have serious benefits.

By adding to our natural layer of oil (designed to keep water in and bacteria out) we can rejuvenate dry skin.

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3. Avoid spending too long in the water

This can often take people by surprise, but spending lots of time in the water can lead to seriously dry skin. We already know that sebaceous oils can help keep moisture in, but what if we’re rinsing this protective layer away?

Spending too long in showers or chlorinated swimming pools might be impeding our efforts to moisturise. Just as you might use warm water to clean greasy dishes, warm water can strip the sebaceous oils from our skin.

The epidermis used keratin, the same substance your hair and nails are made of, to defend against the environment and retain moisture. The thin layer of oil your body produces is meant to protect keratinocytes (the cells). Although hot showers in winter combined with dry air tends to be a serious double whammy, dry air in summer and long warm showers can wreck just as much havoc!

Take shorter baths and showers during the warmer months. Avoiding overexposure to the harsh chemicals in swimming pools might be a good idea too.

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Now you know some of the main causes of dry skin in summer, you can take preventative steps to protect yourself against flaking! Nobody wants to be less than radiant during the holiday season, so a bit of pre-planning can change everything. Enjoy the weather responsibly and obviously: sunburn can cancel out all your efforts.