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The Story of Bioeffect

Made in Iceland

Iceland . . . majestic panoramas and untamed natural forces; volcanoes, geysers, springs and waterfalls; midnight sun, true wilderness, isolation, total silence and infinite horizons . . .

At its heart, Iceland is a place of pioneering discovery. With such a dramatic landscape as our backdrop, Icelanders have learned to shape a life of innovation and deep interdependency on our rock's natural resources. The success of BIOEFFECT lies in the skill and commitment of some of our country’s finest scientific minds – men and women who are passionate about research; people with a deep respect for the earth’s provision, seeking to work in harmony with the environment to reveal, harness and protect some of nature’s most bountiful riches.

This is the BIOEFFECT story.

10 years of biotechnology

In 2001 three scientists in Iceland formed a biotechnology company. Their aim was to use barley to produce purer human-like cellular activators for medical research and medicine. Barley was their plant of choice because it is good at producing and protecting proteins in its seeds and because it is a biologically isolated system.

In 2005 they had discovered a new way of producing pure, endotoxin- and animal free human-like cellular activators in barley seeds.

In 2009 Sif Cosmetics Ltd was founded to develop and market skin care products containing cellular activators.

In 2010 the BIOEFFECT story began with the launch of BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM in Iceland, the first skin care product to contain cellular activators made in plants. It is now used by around 30% of Icelandic women over the age of 30.

Nobel prize winning research

The key to the success of BIOEFFECT skin care products is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) cellular activator. Its discovery earned Dr Stanley Cohen and Dr Rita Levi-Montalcini the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986. Well known to the scientific community, EGF is prized for its ability to trigger cell renewal, assist in wound-healing and initiate the production of collagen and elastin.


  • Dr. Kristinn D.GrétarssonDr. Kristinn D.Grétarsson CEO of Sif Cosmetics. He recently joined the company with extensive experience from the health-tech and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Dr. Björn Örvar Dr. Björn Örvar Chief Scientific Officer. One of the founders of ORF Genetics and its subsidiary Sif Cosmetics. He holds a Ph.D. in plant molecular biology.
  • Helga Thora EidsdottirHelga Thora Eidsdottir Director of Marketing and Sales. She is responsible for the international sales and marketing of BIOEFFECT.
  • Berglind JohansenBerglind Johansen International Key Account Manager. She is the link between BIOEFFECT and its distributors around the world.
  • Eirikur SigurdssonEirikur Sigurdsson Director of Market Communications. He is in charge of telling the BIOEFFECT story to the world.