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Based on 10 years of pioneering biotechnology research in Iceland, BIOEFFECT is a premium, innovative skin care brand, born in Iceland and made by scientists. We are the world's first skin care brand to contain EGF made in plants (a protein that encourages the skin’s natural renewal process). The discovery of EGF was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1986.



As unique as they are effective - Our high-performance treatments and advanced skincare products are exclusively developed to deliver exceptional results. Whether woman or man, young or old, you will feel the difference on the texture and on the appearance of your skin.

Made in Iceland – All our products, from start to finish, are made in Iceland

A niche brand for your customers – BIOEFFECT is the only company in the world who knows how to produce EGF in plants. To date, all other companies that use cellular activators in their skin care products use proteins produced in bacteria (E. coli), hamster cells or yeast. Production of cellular activators in barley seeds ensures they are void of bacterial endotoxins, human infectious agents and other potential contaminations associated with production in conventional production hosts. By producing the cellular activators in plants, it is possible to achieve an unparalleled level of purity and activity.

Exceptional selection of handpicked partners - Already stocked in premium locations such as Liberty, Net-A-Porter, British Airways and Selfridges, BIOEFFECT has quickly become known to beauty enthusiasts and aficionados.

Ethic Brand – We do not test our products on animals. BIOEFFECT products contain only the necessary ingredients that your skin needs, and no perfume, colour or parabens.

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